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Inflatable toys bring children joySource:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:12-04-2021    Views:

Inflatable games can turn a typical birthday party into a memorable and exciting event. The games are set up in the yards of houses or in sports fields and parking lots adjacent to schools and youth centers. An inflatable game will usually be an over-the-top and extravagant form of entertainment for a Childers's event.

An inflatable house can come in many forms, both elaborate and simple. The house could consist of four walls and a floor as a basic domain for bouncing or could be a fancy castle, fortress or object, such as a pumpkin. Children can play a variety of games inside the inflatable bounce house, such as holding tumbling competitions or playing a capture-the-flag style game within the inflatable house.
Inflatable slides can become a more exciting and special variation on the traditional metal or plastic slide. The slides can become the foundation for a variety of games. Challenge the children to balance a hard-boiled egg on a spoon as they propel down the massive slide. The children who do not drop the egg win a prize. The children could also play catch with a player on the ground as they slide down the slide. Teams can compete to see who can pass a ball back and forth the most times as they move down the slide.
Set up inflatable tunnels around the yard and hold races to see how fast the children can crawl through from one end to another. For another game, scatter prizes inside the tunnel and see how many the children can grab as the race through the tunnels. Play a rendition of Marco Polo inside the tunnels where a blindfolded player crawls through and tries to tag other players also hiding in the tunnel.
Set up inflatable obstacle courses at a child's party. Inflatable obstacle courses come in a variety of styles, themes and set ups. Have the children compete to see who can make it through the obstacle course in the fastest time. Pair the players up into pairs or teams and hold relay races through the obstacle courses where each player runs a leg of the obstacle course. The fastest team to navigate the obstacle course wins the game.
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