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How to install inflatable tent?Source:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:10-13-2021    Views:

Inflatable tent, from manufacture process, are divided into Sewing tent and Welding tent. Both the tents suit for civil application and military.  Air cell inflatables is made of PVC tarpaulin which is a material of PVC with an interlayer of strengthening fabric. They are self-supporting and self-erectable by means of air fan’s blowing with out foundation, hardware frames. 

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The advantage of inflatable tent is easy to install and usually be built up within a day. In inflatable tent, it’s able to install lighting, air condition and other cabling requirements. They have heat insulation and sound insulation properties, fire retardancy, anti-fungal, anti-mildew and tolerate temperatures from -30 °C to + 70°C. It is said the minimal wind speed is 80 mph. Inflatable tent become more and more popular not matter the camping tent, advertising tent or inflatable event tent ect.. Well how to install the inflatable tent in right way is very important for peoples who buy the tent. Below you can find the method. 
1. Inflatable tent should be placed on a flat ground before inflating. It would be much better if put a cushion under it such as carpets, plastic color cloth. 2. Connect the air inlet of inflatable tent and the outlet of blower tightly, and then tight alternative air inlet with a rope. 3. When the blower switched on, inflatable tent will be inflated within 5-10 minutes. 4. If there is a wind, fill the sandbag and tie it to D-rings on the bottom of the tent.
The life expectancy of inflatable buildings depends upon the climate in which they are installed and particularly the level of UV light to which the pneumatic structures are exposed. An inflatable structure is able to be working outdoor for 8 to 10 years in Tropics and for about 15 years in temperate zone, like Europe, North America, Australia.
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