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How to maintain inflatable tent?Source:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:10-02-2021    Views:

For inflatable tent, it is not only the function of ordinary steel frame tent, it is also more beautiful, easier to transport, assemble and disassemble, with different special designs and shapes. So the quality and function are the same important. Many person will ask a question, how to maintain the inflatable tents. This is a good question.

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When we produce our inflatable tents, inflatable domes, inflatable marquees, inflatable yurts and so on, we will use different inflatable materials according to the function and the design to make sure it to be good quality together with good function. We use the best inflatable materials in market in order to produce inflatable tent with longer life span, meantime, please also pay more attention to the details as below.
1. Please keep the inflatable tents away from any scratching. Just as our clothes, no matter how strong of the cloth, they can be tear with sharp object. So when using the inflatable tent, no matter as party tents, wedding tents, advertising tents, promotion tents or camping tents or first aid tents, please keep it away from the sharp objects such as hooks on communication cable, sharp stones on the ground and so on.
2. Please lightly drag and put the inflatable tent. When you need to move the inflatable tent, please lift up first and then move. If you just drag it on the ground, you can imagine that even the stone and steel can be broken if dragged for long time, so how the inflatable tent made of soft material can stand with long-time dragging.
3. If the inflatable tent is dirty with floating earth, please clean it with broom or other soft tools. If it is dirty with mud, please use wet cloth to clean it. If the pillars are dirty, you can use water to clear it. Please do not use lotion or , or the inflatable material and patterns may be corroded with the lotion and alkaline liquid.
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