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Inflatable water park is popular in summerSource:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:07-31-2021    Views:

One of the famous products that are used in all over the world especially in water parks and beaches is inflatable water park. It is also known by different names like inflatable water fun city, inflatable pools, and inflatable advertising etc. Zhengzhou Wolong Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd is specialized in designing and manufacturing the latest models and designs. We have quality of engineers that work hard to make it to final consumer product. Our production unit is equipped with highly updated and modern machinery to make the best out of our material. We have got best prices along with the good quality to satisfying the needs of our valued clients all over the globe.

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Whether you are looking to improve the waterfront activities at a camp, resort, country club, or at your own private lake house, our interactive and modular water parks are just the right fit. We carry everything from slides, trampolines, jungle gyms, and many other multi-play inflatable toys, which will keep both kids and adults happy for endless hours at a time. Wolong has established itself as the world's highest quality inflatable water park manufacturer, releasing ground breaking and innovative new products each year. Most of our water parks are scalable, allowing customers to keep adding components every year. This modular feature gives the waterfront a new look each year, keeping it fresh, exciting, and loaded with wow factor.


The Inflatable Water Park is one of our most versatile and popular water parks. With a Water Slide, Water Trampolines, Water bouncers, Inflatable Attachments and Climbing wall, the water parks offers up tons of splashing fun! And the water parks have enough room for up to Kids and adults to Splash, Climb, Crawl and Play all day. Water trampolines are the best way to invite kids and adults of all ages into the water to cool off for some fun under the sun. All of our water trampolines are available with or without water trampoline attachments including slides, logs, blast bags launches, runways, and many more.... Water bouncers are the portable version of water trampolines. There is very little to no assembly required out of the box, therefore set-up time takes less than 5-10 minutes.


Simply inflate the outer bladder, secure the unit in the water, and enjoy the rest of your day at the lake, river or ocean. Water bouncers are frequently used as land trampolines as well therefore they can have a year round purpose for some families. Inflatable Attachments Makes a great platform for running, sliding, lounging and playing. It Works as a stand-alone, an add-on, or a connection between other Wolong modular products. Convenient climbing wall incorporates resting steps so even younger ones can make it to the top. The inflatable Rotating Top is guaranteed to provide at least as much entertainment. This versatile, circular water rocker offers unlimited fun for up. Stand or sit in several different ways. Work together, or in factions to balance, roll it!  If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.

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