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Inflatable water park is popular in summerSource:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:06-10-2021    Views:

In recent years, with the summer temperature increasing gradually and people’s living level improving day by day, we are seeking for an amusement way for both recreation and relieving summer heat.  However, traditional swimming pools have less entertainment ways, besides, the pools are idle after summer, which wastes land resource in our country to a great extent.

Faced with this situation, Zhengzhou Wolong innovated positively and brought in popular movable water park from foreign countries. A few years ago, Wolong tried operating movable water park in Wuhan, Hubei Province, which caused an unprecedented sensation in the local and achieved good economic benefits. Movable water park, which evolves from inflatable obstacle course on land, adopts cartoon images that are popular at present as its main expression method, and movable swimming pools and water toys as its carrier. Meantime, music, fine food, lamplight, entertainment and advertising are integrated into this project, which attracts people’s attention easily.
All of these devote this project to a bright prospect. Moreover, it is convenient for movable water park to install and dismantle, and it takes only several hours to install it and put it into operation. The product can be packed up after summer and kept easily. Furthermore, the pool’s water can be recycled without needing to change water during the whole summer, which saves water resources to a large degree. Above all, movable water park conforms to spirit of the central government that builds cultural power, which leads the project to a win-win situation between political and economic benefits.
Recycling, energy-conservation and environment-protection are becoming more and more popular. Wolong’s  movable water park is researched according to nation policies, which provides people a economical and healthy recreation place. Wo long will increase its research and development on environment-friendly products and strive for No.1 in green amusement equipment industry in future.
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