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Inflatable slide is a good toy for kidsSource:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:04-07-2021    Views:

Inflatable slide was one of the most favorite recreation facilities in our childhood. When sliding from the slide, you can feel the winds are running toward your face. It is cool. If the slide is long enough, the cool and happy feeling will last long. When walking beside the slides in the park, you will have a desire to play slides. However, the slides in the park are design for kids. Designers won’t forget the adults. The inflatable climbing slide can satisfy your desire.

Since it is design for adults, it should not be designed too simple. The inflatable sports are designed with two climbing walls. You can have two ways of climbing to the top of the slide. The first climbing is catching and standing on the footholds which are long. It ensures you can stand at them firmly. The other way of climbing is a little difficult from the first one. You need to hold and stand on the handholds which are short. You can choose the climbing way you like, or if there is one player climbing on one side, you can compete with him in another climbing wall.
The slide and the ground inclined to one another at an angle of 45. Its cliffy is the key which is different from the kids’ game. It brings excitement. The cliffy slide can make the speed fast. You will feel exciting when you are sliding. At the bottom of the slide, there is an inflatable ground to catch you. So you won’t get hurt after the exciting slither. At the end of the inflatable ground, it is also attached a buffer which make it double protection.
The inflatable climbing slide is better to be settled outdoor. It is made of the 0.55mm PVC tarpaulins. This kind of material is of UV-resistance, cold weather resistance and waterproof. So it is no problem to be settled outdoor. It is of high tear strength, what makes it more durable than other tarpaulins. We also do reinforce on the details. Make sure it is safe to hold and bounce. For the health conditions, we also take this into account. The tarpaulins are of anti-mildew treatment. We make the tarpaulins are hard for the mildew to reproduce. So you can be at ease at the health condition.
The inflatable climbing slide is easy to install and dismantle. What you need to do is just blow it up by the inflatable blowers and make the parts together. You can finish the installation in a few minute. Isn’t it attracting your eyeballs? Let’s have a slither on the inflatable sports.
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