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Inflatable tents will also be used during traveling outside. Camped out is Outdoor  inevitably when someone travel outside, so in order to ensure the safety of yourself, inflatable tents are an indispensable outdoor equipment, which have high tensile strength, good air tightness, lightweight, most important, it is convenient to carry. So let's travel at ease,relaxed and happy with a inflatable tent.

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Of course, the purpose of the inflatable tents are surely not just that. Inflatable tents in our life must be many other uses,such as it can be used in flood control and disaster relief, it also can be used in the field construction work which is called construction inflatable tents, inflatable tents used by the military for camping are called military inflatable tents, it can be used in the field hospital which are called medical inflatable tents,and so on. There are also outdoor inflatable tent used for entertainment.
1. Before the inflatable tents are set up,one must carefully make a survey of the terrain. There must not be any rolling stones, rolling logs, and those of weathered stones above the camping site. Do not set your inflatable tents near the river bank and dried river bed in rainy days.
2. In order to protected against the thunder,please do not set up the inflatable tent on the top of the mountains, or in the open country. And If you need to cook in the inflatable tent,then you must be sure that the flame is far away from the tent or use fire prevention board isolation. And the cooker is not allowed to leave the tent. And one must make plans of putting out a fire at ordinary times, or install exhaust fan to eliminate lampblack.
3. When knowing that the local wind is more than 8 degree, please remove the inflatable tents in advance. According to the condition of humidity and local climate, please dry the tarpaulins in the sun regularly, in case of bacterium. It is suggested that the  inflatable tent are set up in the highlands during the tents, and the inflatable tents must reburied around by using mud. If it is allowed, use bricks to prevent against wind and rain.
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