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Parents often spare no expense when it comes to throwing a birthday party for their child. Some parents will even rent a bounce house for the party or throw the party at a venue that consists of many different variations of the houses. These air-filled devices offer fun for children of all ages at different types of festivities.

People use bounce houses for different purposes. Early in their history, bounce houses could only be rented. However, today, they are affordable enough that some families purchase them for personal use at home. In addition to daily use at home, some people also rent out larger structures to use for birthday parties and other celebrations. Party venues have also sprung up that offer numerous types and sizes of bounce houses all located in one place. Parents can rent these venues for their child's birthday party. Festivals and fairs also use bounce houses as a means of entertainment for children.
Bounce houses are made from a combination of polyvinyl chloride, nylon and vinyl to create a virtually unbreakable material. The bounce house is then filled with air, creating a balloon-like structure that can hold up to the bouncing of all ages. Bounce houses use in the home are typically made of woven oxford cloth, which is not quite as strong and is cheaper to manufacture. Bounce houses are made into numerous shapes, including castles, slides or animals.
The biggest concern with using a bounce house is safety. If you are renting a bounce house, an operator from the rental company should set up the bounce house, using a tarp underneath to prevent puncture, checking for holes or sagging, ensuring it is properly inflated and anchoring the unit securely to the ground. During use, an adult should be supervising at all times. Do not allow any child under the age of 3 to use the bounce house and, if it is made of woven oxford cloth, do not allow anyone over 12 to use it. Check the manufacturer recommendation for capacity and make sure groups are arranged according to size to prevent injury.
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