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Kids enjoy inflatable slide in winterSource:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:11-20-2020    Views:

Inflatable slides are a great way to add a unique source of fun to your child’s party. They don’t cost much to buy and kids never seem to tire of them. As an added bonus for adults, when kids wear themselves out on the slide, they sleep early and sleep well after the party! Although inflatable slides are fun and safe, there are still a few rules to follow to be sure that nothing unexpected happens.

Ask the inflatables agency what kind of safety inspections they use so you can be sure the equipment is safe. Buy only from businesses that carry liability insurance.
The slide should have constant adult supervision. All parents know it takes just a split second for kids to do something foolish and dangerous. There should be one parent or older teen at a party whose sole job is to watch the slide and make sure all the kids are playing safely. Keep pets away. Inflatable slides are designed for humans and are not safe for the pets to play around. In addition, even trimmed claws and teeth can tear a hole in the fabric. Keep an eye on the weather.
The weather oftentimes seems to plot against us, waiting for the day of our outdoor party to turn bad. High winds can cause the slide to sway dangerously and rain can make the surface too slick to be safe. Lightning tends to strike the highest object and that just might be the slide or the child on top of it. If the weather turns sour, get the kids off the slide immediately. Have drinks on hand. When playing on inflatable slides, kids will work up a real sweat. Children can get dehydrated quickly so have drinks available when they get off.
No food and drinks on the slide. While you’ll want to have food and drinks on hand, make a hard and fast rule that kids can’t take snacks onto the slide. You don’t want to stain the fabric and risk paying additional cleaning fees.
No crazy activities. Kids have a tendency to get pretty wild and that’s fine. However, you’ll want to stop any over the top antics like climbing up the sides or a whole horde of kids coming down at once.
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