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how to invest kids inflatable toys?Source:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:10-30-2020    Views:

Kids large inflatable toys, the amusement market’s new favorite, are becoming more and more popular for investors. The inflatable toys can be seen everywhere in parks, schools, supermarkets and squares. However, some investors can make a killing after operating these inflatable toys for merely several months, while some investors almost lose money in business. Consequently, only by managing the industry’s investment skills fully, can investors achieve prosperity from the industry. 

Zhengzhou Wolong amusement equipment Co., Ltd. has specialized in manufacture and sales of kids large inflatable toys for 25 years, and helps lots of operators become acquire wealth. Zhengzhou Wolong will share the investment skills of inflatable toys with operators as follows.  
1 The choice of kids large inflatable toys’ business site is very important. Good choice of the business site is a key point to success. As the audiences are mainly children, it’s very important to seek a place where a high flow of children appear, such as schools, squares and supermarkets.
2 The two or three line of city is more suitable for operating kids  large inflatable toys than first-tier city. The reason is that the competitive power is very big in first-tier city, where this kind of products appears in many places. Meantime, rent and other costs in biggest city is much higher, speed of the withdrawal from circulation of funds is slow, and risk is further higher. Investors can choose to operate the inflatable toys in the two or three line of city, where each cost is cheaper, and competitive power is much lower.
3 Operators should choose kids large inflatable toys whose size are bigger than 100 square meters. As inflatable toys of small size’s model are much simpler, and they can only played on a single way and by one kid, which delays investors’ business when there are many children. However, inflatable toys whose size are bigger than 100 square meters have various models and appeal to children strongly.
4 The choice of manufacturing factory. The large inflatable toys is related to kids’ healthy growth directly, therefore, safety is most important. Operators must choose a regular manufacturer, which ensures the products’ good quality and business not being delayed.
5 After preparing equipment and business site well, operators can start business. However, operators should pay attention to promotional activities, for example, operators can provide coupons and prepared some promotion preferential benefit activities in holidays.
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