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how to repair inflatable slides?Source:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:10-17-2020    Views:

The inflatable slides always bring lots of fun for kids and childrens.It is a very popular outdoor sports games.It is made by very durable PVC tarpaulin which is water proof and fire resistance.Below is the methods of repairing inflatable slide.

1、 Determine where the hole is in the slide. If it’s a small tear, it may be hard to find. One way to easily find the hole is to spray the deflated area with soapy water. Then reinflate the slide and look for bubbles. That’s where the hole is.
2、Make sure the area around the hole is dry before repairing it. Mark the hole by placing four strips of masking tape around it, making a small square.
3、Sew up the hole using a needle and strong thread. The majority of inflatable slides come with a repair kit that may include thread, a patch and glue. You can purchase a repair kit at most stores that sell inflatables.
4、Patch the area. The glue should be HH-66 glue or something similar (see References). The patch should be at least a half inch bigger than the tear. Spread a small amount of glue around the surface and attach the patch to the newly sewn hole.
5、Allow time for the patch to dry. Do not leave the inflatable outside at night; a small amount of rain or dew could disrupt the drying of the glue. If the patch fails when you try inflating the water slide again, send the slide to a professional to be repaired.
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