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inflatable bouncers are fun for childrenSource:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:10-07-2020    Views:

Inflatable castle bouncers can be fun for children and they are usually used at birthday parties, festivals, and other social gatherings. It is a perfect way for children to play outdoors and have fun for hours without getting bored with nothing to do. But when we do not enforce the necessary safety rules one of them can get hurt. We have provided a list of safety guidelines to follow when purchasing or renting any type of inflatable bounce house.

When we follow these steps we will greatly reduce the chance of any child getting hurt and make it a safe environment for them to play in. Whether you are renting or buying one of these inflatable bouncers you must be aware of the way in which it is set up. You should always inspect your work and the work of others to make sure that it is being done properly.
The first thing you need to do is to place a tarp beneath the bouncer or obstacle course. You need to make sure that it is the length and width of the castle. Although most of these are designed with puncture proof materials there are still certain things that might damage it. The tarp is used to prevent this from happening.
Use any anchor straps, stakes, or weights to keep the castle bouncer firmly to the ground. This prevents it from wobbling and tipping over. When you have inflated it you and a helper need to walk around the entire length of it and search for any rips, tears, or areas where it may be sagging. If you see any deflate immediately and make sure to use the warranty to replace it.
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