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requirements of medical tent are very highSource:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:03-28-2020    Views:

The requirements of medical equipment are very high, and we can't be careless when we choose them. There is a big difference between tents built in temporary medical centers and ordinary tents. The medical tent should be very light and portable. Next, it should be strong enough to withstand wind and rain. And then it should be able to withstand strong ultraviolet rays. Last, it should be cheap. It is not groundless to say that tents for medical use need such high requirements.

First of all, with regard to the convenience of carrying, there are many tents that are very large and bulky, which are very laborious to carry, and if they are not used, they also occupy a lot of space. We all know that when a disaster such as a big earthquake needs to build a temporary medical center, it needs a lot of tents. If the tents are huge and heavy, it is very inconvenient. Moreover, it's about firmness. If the firmness is not good and the wind blows, the meaning of using tents will be lost. It's better not to use tents.
There is also about the need to resist strong ultraviolet light. Because in many times, the location and time period of using tents are unknown, and some patients and wounded who need to be treated can't receive the secondary damage caused by strong ultraviolet. If the tent can't meet the requirement of strong UV resistance, then the tent will be nothing. There is also the issue of price. I don't think it needs to be explained. Everyone wants to buy the best goods at the lowest price. 
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