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In the event of a disaster, temporary relief and shelter are essential. Zhengzhou Wolong specializes in providing medical tents. The company sells medical tents to disaster relief organizations and disaster areas around the world, which helps to establish large-scale emergency tents during disasters. So how to build a medical tent quickly?

1. Before the construction of the medical tent, the terrain must be carefully surveyed. There should be no rolling stone, rolling wood or weathered stone above the camp.
2. Do not build tents near the river bank or on the dry river bed in rainy season.
3. In order to prevent lightning, do not build the tent on the top of the mountain or in the open field; when installing on the mud or sand, dig drainage ditches around the tent to ensure the ground inside the tent is dry.
4. If you need to cook in the tent, you must keep the flame away from the tarpaulin or use the fire-proof board to isolate the flame. When cooking, you can't leave the tent. At ordinary times, make a fire-fighting plan, and install the exhaust fan to remove the oil smoke.
5. If it is predicted that the local wind force is more than level 8, please remove the tent in advance.
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