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Children's inflatable slides amusement facilities can accommodate multiple children at the same time free play. In all directions from the center platform to climb, and then along multiple slides, tube or slide the slider down the river, one by one experience climbing, climb, slide brings the fun; also can be from east to west or from west to East through the whole play, to fully experience the drill, climb, jump, swing, sliding fun, experience adventure, challenge stimulation, exercise coordination, balance, strength, endurance and other qualities, to develop the courage to try, the courage to explore the quality.

Inflatable bouncy slide is amongst the most popular products, a lot of kids like inflatable water bouncer. Kids and adults could bounce down and up on inflatable bouncers and have a lot of fun after while they blow up on the bouncer. Inflatable sport games and jumpers bouncers are always no-floor. Outdoor bounce house, blow-up bounce houses, castle inflatable bouncer are extremely good as well. Inflatable bounce slide have been around for many years. They started decades ago when someone was researching a field cover for grass. The material became inflated from the wind and the bounce was born.
We offer a wide variety of inflatable products,such as inflatable water slide, inflatable bouncer, inflatable water ball, inflatable water roller, inflatable pool , steel frame pool,  which are purchased by many party rental companies, fairs and carnivals. In 2012, our water walking balls were designated as the official supplies of London Olympics Opening Ceremony 2012 by the Olympic committee.
We persist in innovation and aim to provide customers with the best products and services. Looking for something special for your next inflatable game ? Just tell us your inflatable fun idea, and we will work with you to bring it to life. For more information, feel free to contact me.
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