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how to keep inflatable swim pool cleanSource:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:07-16-2019    Views:

In the summer, people like to swim in the cool water to take the hot feeling off. The waters in the swimming pool much have collected much sweats and dust. If the water is changed every day, it will waste much water and time. How to do keep the water clean and save much water and time at the same time? Let’s look the suggestion below. 

Since the inflatable swimming pool is different from the build-in one, because the inflatable one is make of PVC, which is the polymer of the Vinyl. In order to maintain the quality of the water and the Vinyl, the choice of the chemicals is important. On the market, there are commercially-manufactured pools chlorination tablets, some of them can be used in the inflatable swimming pool. If you want to make the water much more standardize, you should prepare the test strips to check your pool's chlorine and pH levels. The residual chlorine should be between 0.4 to 0.6 mg/L, and the pH level should between 6.5 and 8.5. How many chlorination tablets should be put in the water? We should check the residual chlorine of the water first. For example, if the residual chlorine is 0.1 mg/L, we should at lease increase it to 0.4 mg/L. That means we need to add 0.3 mg/L. Following the formula below, you will find out how man chlorination tablets should be put in the pools. We suppose the pool is 10000L, chlorination tablets contain 50% chlorine:  (0.3 mg/L*10000L)/ 50%=6000mg=6g So, we should add 6g chlorination tablets to the 10000L inflatable swimming pool. 
If you want to put the chlorination tablets in the water, you’d better put it at night. That gives it much time to dissolve and do not make people feel sick due to the high concentration of some area which didn’t dissolve the tablets. What’s more, the residual chlorine should not higher more than 1.0 mg/L, because people will feel sick for the residual chlorine. If you also want to remove the algae, you should put the algicide drugs 12 hours before or after the chlorination tablets. Putting together may be useless. 
You should check the residual chlorine often and add the right amount of chlorination tablets. The stable concentration of the residual chlorine can reduce the breeding of the bacteria and algae, thus the water can keep clear.
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