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So far amusement industry in China has developed for over 35 years. During this period, thousands of all kinds of  water parks are founded and close down one after another, and all that can survive have formed their own characteristics and market positioning. With  improvement of people’s living standards and increase of their work pressure, people want to find a quiet and peaceful land to have a good time in their spare time. Therefore, a place for entertainment becomes the first choice for busy people, which also stimulates national amusement industry. 


Among these amusement industries, water park is the most popular one. To be close to water is man’s nature. When people play in water, they can have both overall physical training and recreation. Besides, when one exercises in water, human body has the strongest plasticity, especially for the leg muscles and waist and abdomen muscles, and so this sport becomes ladies’ favorite. Body-building through sport close to water is becoming increasingly fashion health trend that people pursue.
Traditional water parks are faced with many problems, for instance, the parks are overcrowded in summer and the health and safety conditions are quite bad. However, to build a stadium just for swimming needs not only suitable address but also tens of millions of capital. Moreover, time that water parks are run is seasonal, for which, people’s investment willingness is restricted. In this situation, Zhengzhou Wolong Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is the first to introduce movable water park, which fills gaps in the market about  water games.
Movable water park can be managed in summer and dismantled in winter, which saves land resources. In addition, water in the pool is sterilized strictly, which ensures water’s safety and health, and makes it can be recycled. All these points make movable water project’s investment prospect become bright. After an early test, Wolong’s movable water park conforms highly to Chinese consumption pattern, which is popular and can be used by all people regardless of age and sex. Wolong’s movable water park will be the new favorite of market, and the focal point of investment, which will boost national amusement industry.
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