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Inflatable castles, giant slides, and other inflatable units are frequently the main inflatable bounce house task at school carnivals, children's birthday parties,House and other social events.Choosing But more and more frequently, these "inflatables" are the focus of stories on local news broadcasts, where parent inflatable bounce houses and private injury attorneys are interviewed about a new law suit as house a result of serious injuries to a bounce child. These bounce houses, inflatable slides, and inflatable jumpers are designed to attract children.

Children's inflatable slides amusement facilities can accommodate multiple children at the same time free play. In all directions from the center platform to climb, and then along multiple slides, tube or slide the slider down the river, one by one experience climbing, climb, slide brings the fun; also can be from east to west or from west to East through the whole play, to fully experience the drill, climb, jump, swing, sliding fun, experience adventure, challenge stimulation, exercise coordination, balance, strength, endurance and other qualities, to develop the courage to try, the courage to explore the quality.
Easy to set up and safe to use inflatable water slides give kids the excitement of a thrilling ride combined with the fun splash of cool water for perfect mid-summer recreation. Whether you're looking for a steep angle drop, wide lanes to slip down or double tubes for racing there is an inflatable slide model for all types of kid party themes.  Many water slides can also be used as dry slides so you can have an exciting ride in the fall and winter too.
The inflatable  slide can be designed in any shape and specification according to client’s preference. The products are innovative, excite, safe. Our main products including: Inflatable slide, inflatable castle, Inflatable sport, inflatable bouncy house, water games, Inflatable tunnel, Inflatable model, balloon, Inflatable tent, inflatable obstacle,advertising inflatable, Holiday inflatable products ,Christmas product.
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