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With the pace of life in the city increasing day by day, parents occupy themselves in the busy work and have less and less time to communicate with their children. Therefore, computer and TV become kids’ playmates, meantime, cartoons such as SpongeBob SquarePants , Ultraman, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf and Bear Crossing are popular in kids. As for the kids, the cartoon images have gone deep into their hearts, which helps them to distinguish between right and wrong and teaches them the truth in life. Therefore, people tend to take kids to a place full of cartoon images, and Zhengzhou Wolong’s inflatable castle brings kids to world of animation.

Zhengzhou Wolong’s inflatable castle has various models, which combined with the most popular elements at present. Cartoon images such as Bear Crossing, Beautiful Goat and Disney are created according to children’s favorite animation stories. These models are realistic in modeling and look quite attractive.  Meanwhile, the inflatable castles can be played in many ways, in which kids can climb, slide, jump, skip, ride in the inflatable toys.
Kids can not only enjoy happiness and adventure brought by outdoor sports but also watch their dream cartoon images. Moreover, inflatable castle can be played by many kids at the same time,which helps to strengthen communication between kids and develop their lively and outgoing characters. Besides, parents can accompany their children when playing the inflatable castle, which makes children realize their parents’ care and love and strengthen parents’ and kids’ emotion.
Zhengzhou Wolong’s inflatable castle adopts green PVC materials certified by EU, which is non-poisonous, tasteless, and has no harm to man’s skin. Also, the inflatable castle’s structures are designed reasonable. Zhengzhou Wolong promises that their products won’t leave the factory before several safety tests. Zhengzhou Wolong’s inflatable castle bring kids a safe, amusing, exciting animation world.
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