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Inflatable water slides for kids are a blessing for parents who have little to do when school's out during vacation. It takes away their worry about what to do for the little ones when they are bored. Also, it's safe, it's cool, it keeps the kids active, and most importantly, it's fun!

Inflatable water slides for kids are available in a variety of choices. For instance, there are simple ones on one hand, and on the other, there are full-fledged structures that leave little to the imagination. They are provided with an air blower, that is constantly switched on, so as to remain relentlessly firm and bear the load of several kids climbing up and down its walls, in case of a larger structure. Once a garden hose is connected to them, water begins to flow out through small punctures in the slide, and gives it the complete effect of a real water slide in a water park.
1 Make some preliminary choices by deciding whether you are looking for a stand alone inflatable water slide or an attachment to a present system. Choose between the inflatable or the fiberglass slides. Choose between slides for personal use and slides used as party rentals.
2 Buy a wet-dry slide for use year round. Many inflatable water slides can only be used in the summer months. Choose the versatile wet/dry slide with an attachable pool at the bottom. Fill the pool with water in the warmer months and balls in the coolers months. Use this inflatable water slide for your own enjoyment or to rent out and make a few extra dollars.
3 Look for inflatable slides with top quality stitching and fabric that are made with lead-free vinyl. Buy from a local dealer to cut down on repair time. Foreign dealers require the damaged inflatable to be shipped back to them for repair. Buy double stitched on the top and bottom and with drain flaps.


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